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Dr. Evelyn Paglini

drpagliniFor over 40 years, Dr. Evelyn Paglini has been one of America’s leading authorities on the occult and the supernatural. Born into a centuries old family of occult practitioners, her training in natural magic began at the age of four when her grandfather formally recognized her as his successor to power and began a precise regimen of discipline and instruction to pass on to her the techniques and practices necessary for her to become empowered as a master occult practitioner, teacher and spiritual warrior.

Dr. Paglini is the last in a thousand-year lineage of Strega Toscani occult practitioners.

As a gifted psychic, Dr. Paglini has collaborated with law enforcement to locate missing persons and to solve murder cases involving occult and supernatural undertones. Her landmark cases are well documented in the country’s leading news media.

Website: MysticalBlend.com

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