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Couple ‘attacked by UFO’ at Brown Mountain

Image Credit: CC 2.0 Mark Clifton

A strange newspaper story has emerged detailing an alleged attack on a couple by an unidentified object.

The story originates from an Asheville newspaper clipping posted to the web page of paranormal investigator Thomas Byers. According to the report, a couple had been visiting Brown Mountain in North Carolina in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the mysterious ghost lights that have been sighted there over the years.

After watching and waiting for two hours the couple finally saw some lights to the west, but rather than sitting back to enjoy the spectacle the pair were instead confronted with a strange flying object that headed towards them and actually bumped in to the top of their car.

The bizarre tale goes on to claim that as the couple attempted to drive away the object held the vehicle in place, preventing their escape. During the struggle, the object allegedly hit the roof with such force that the back window smashed and the car was crushed by about eight inches.

While there’s little to corroborate this story so far, on his web page Byers has reported seeing a local Cable News Station Channel 12 broadcast detailing the incident and which included footage of the damage sustained by the vehicle.

It’s possible that more information will surface on this one in the coming days.


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