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Wednesday, September 18th, 2013


While hiking in the Pacific Northwest with his dog Suzy, Dr. Jonathan Reed stumbled on simply one of mankind’s greatest finds and/or questions in all of modern time. The real truth concerning First-Contact and the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial-alien life.

Unlike any story ever told, Dr. Reed’s fascinating account shows us in vivid detail the traumatic mental images of unforeseen obstacles and mind-bending rewards revealed during this astonishing journey.

Throughout this emotionally devastating and physically paralyzing ordeal, Jonathan takes us with him, “through the looking-glass”, to experience the very moment of his startling Alien Encounter and all the terror and disruption to his life that has since ensued. As if in a continuing nightmare, his serene life has forever been fractured into a heterogeneous enigma.

The facts surrounding this incredible and unforgettable encounter, with the proof and hard physical evidence of intelligent Alien-life, are finally here today for all to see, witness and experience



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