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Thursday, October 24th, 2013 – Timothy Good

timothygoodTimothy will be discussing ET and UFO encounters, missing time and much more.

Timothy Good is regarded as one of the world’s leading civilian authorities on alien phenomena, known for his integrity and determination as a highly skilled researcher. He has lectured at the Royal Canadian Military Institute, Royal Naval Air Station Portland, the House of Lords All-Party UFO Study Group, the Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences, and the Oxford and Cambridge Union Societies. In 1998 he was invited to discuss the subject at the Pentagon’s Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office, and at the headquarters of the French Air Force in 2002. He has also acted as consultant for several U.S. Congressional investigations. He is the author of a dozen books on the subject, including Above Top Secret, Alien Contact, Alien Base, Unearthly Disclosure, and Need to Know: UFOs, the Military and Intelligence. Timothy lives in London.

Website: www.timothygood.co.uk

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